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Count On Our Engine Diagnostic Tests

Visit us at Stop & Go Transmissions & Auto Center for FREE engine diagnostic scans of your vehicle. Solve problems in your vehicle easier with all of our latest diagnostic tools. Trust our trained and certified technicians.

Your diagnostic scan includes:

  • Check engine

  • Service engine soon

  • Maintenance

  • ABS

  • Temperature

  • Brake

  • Coolant

  • Charge

  • Transmission

Get a FREE quote from your local Bridgeport auto repair experts. Contact us now.

Depend on our complete electronic engine sensor and solenoid scan and test. Improve your engine performance with OEM computer updates. We have the latest computer diagnostic software from AllData and Mitchell OnDemand.


*All our technicians continually attend technical seminars and are certified, many who have been part of our family for two decades!

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